The Sydney Aboriginal and Oceanic Art Fair

I was the Co Founder and Event Manager of the Sydney Aboriginal and Oceanic Art Fair, held annually at the Overseas Passenger Terminal, accross from Sydney's iconic Opera House. The Fair - both a trade fair and public exposition - showcased art by Aboriginal artists themselves, top end art galleries and dealers and not for profit organisations, as well from the Pacific Islands as far afield as Easter Island. The Fair was supported by the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, The Rocks, Qantas and Montana Wines.

Space Flight Europe-America 500

Space Flight Europe-Amercia 500 was Russia's first private-commercial spaceflight. It was a goodwill mission developed to increse trade bwteen the USA and Russia, and to promote the use of technology once reserved only for military forces. I was Foreign Media Adviser, based in Moscow. Click on photo to read Wikipedia entry.